A Note from Mrs. Foote

My passion is teaching. My love for children and what’s important to them is the foundation for what I teach and how I teach. I believe that the hands-on approach to learning is the best way for children to learn. The more experiences they have, the more they will learn. The more they learn, the more curious and enthusiastic they are about learning!

While raising my own four children, I had the privilege of having a day-care in my home. After twelve years of working with children ages five months to school-age, I enrolled in college and earned my degree in Early Childhood.

While in college, I had the opportunity to teach in a private school. I was employed there for eleven years. In 2001, I worked for Head Start for one year and then, after moving to Ithaca, I taught in a Group Family Day Care for two years.

I have been teaching at East Ithaca Preschool since September, 2004. It’s a unique setting where each day different parents are my classroom helpers. By having mom or dad around as an integral part of their education, the children see just how important school really is, especially in these early school years!